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The B&W part of the site contains:

In town N 1 2. Alexander Ivasenko.
Hello, summer! 1 2 3. Olga Boiko.
Greetings from St. Petersburg. Alexander Krasotkin.
Life of railway station. (Series). Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
A bench. Leningrad women. Stanislav Chabutkin.
About tram. (Series). Sergey Militsky.
... appearing a sail white. Alexander Shurlakov.
A poker-work. Irina Sharova.
A pray. Alexander Shurlakov.
A social problem. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Black & white life or you're welcome. Alexander Shurlakov.
Bonnets. Irina Sharova.
Boy and his shadow. Marina Lisogorova.
Boy, Yalta, gulls' flight.... Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
Bridge. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Byciclist and doggy. Marina Lisogorova.
Demonstration 1 2. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Faces of the street. Sergey Militsky.
Father. The last spring. Alexander Shurlakov.
From nowhere to nowhere. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Footwear. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Garden. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Girl. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Have you thought to be a photographer was easy? It's great!. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Just arrived. (Series). Alexander Fursov.
Kind rhythm. Alexander Shurlakov.
Kolya Khokhol and his friends. Alexander Krasotkin.
Liberty wherewith Christ 1 2 3 4 5. Alexander Shurlakov.
Light. Sergey Militsky.
Lunch. Yana Svyatkina.
Madonna of change time. Sergey Militsky.
Man. Overcoming. (Series). Alexander Shurlakov.
Mila. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Needlework. Irina Sharova.
Our trace. Alexander Shurlakov.
Prison. (Series). Alexander Shurlakov.
Side-show 1 2 3. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Splinter. Irina Sharova.
Summer rain. Sergey Militsky.
Summer's gone. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
The court yard. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
They won't take away sky from us. (Series). Alexander Shurlakov.
Tell me again, mother.... Dusan B. Hadnadjev.
To Cross. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Two mites. Alexander Shurlakov.
Winter song. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.

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All photographs represented on this site can be placed on orthodoxy web sites and used for orthodoxy publications with agreement of authors. Please don't forget to make reference to our site and mention photographer's name.

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