Priest Nikolay Katalnikov

Here you can find the series of photographs:
"St. Georgey cathedral in Makeevka town. Byzantium after Byzantium". (Series).
"Cross amidst us". (Series).
"Evening". (Series).
"The Equilibrium. Spring". (Series).
"Within the temple". (Series).
"Rain, leaves, silence". (Series).
"The warmth of man hands". (Series).
"The Equilibrium. Autumn". (Series).
"Spiritual affinity". (Series).
"Sudak. The breath of eternity". (Series).
At icon workshop's 1 2.
"Nonchance fortuities". (Series).
"The infinity".
"Boy, Yalta, gulls' flight...".
"The offertory".
"The profound bow".
"Tenderness". (Series).
"World through the hospital window". (Series).
"Approaching to eternity, or Mysterious service of the Kiev temple ". (Series).


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