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Orthodoxy Foto is a project vacationed to unite photographers in the matter of testifying Truth and Orthodoxy Beauty to the world by means of Photo Art.

Undoubtedly photography as an integral part of modern art in our opinion must serve to that great purpose to wich any true art does, based on high Christian values.

"Christianity's formed truly great culture of human being that aimed at unification with God but not disrespectfully neglect Him and His holy will, invariably affirms that works of arts may live only when they help a person find the unity with God, though constant cutting off all the pernicious passion, the main of which are arrogance, love of power and cull of lustful fresh, from one's soul and body". (Priest Mikhail Khodakov. "Whether we return to God?" Moscow, 1998).

This thought of father Mikhail Khodakov gives us the true criterion to define such a notion as Orthodox Photo. In our opinion Orthodox Photography is the one which makes us think over Eternity, Death, and hence over sense of Life that arouses sympathy, aversion towards injustice that gives us peace of mind, silence, bright joy through the contemplation of Beauty and Harmony of God's creation...

It is clear that the subject-matter of the photographs represented on the site, can't be limited to any formal boundaries as God can not be limited to any boundaries in His manifestation to the world...

"There is no God for those people who're looking for Him corporally, because He is invisible, but for those ones who think spiritually He is everywhere because He is all over. He is everywhere and nowhere at the same time that's why He is close to those ones who fear Him but far from sinners His saving is." (Reverend Simeon New Theologian. "Theological, speculative and practical chapters". Moscow, 1998).

Photo materials can be found in Gallery section.

Within Orthodoxy Foto project the publication of photograph albums, photograph almanacs (anthologies), calendars and picture post cards are scheduled as well.

As well the photo-exhibitions are scheduled to organize and conduct in the near future.

The recollection and contemplation of old photographs make us feel warm and anxious that bring us to Eternity in a special way. These photographs'll be placed in Old Photo section.

All your remarks and suggestions are welcome at foto@mrezha.ru.

We're gladly inviting you to take part in our project. Send your photographs to foto@mrezha.ru in JPG format, 800 pixels by larger side.

All photographs represented on this site can be placed on orthodoxy web sites and used for orthodoxy publications with agreement of authors. Please don't forget to reference to our site and mention photographer's name.

God bless you!

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