Orthodoxy Photographic Festival "WINDOWS"

Magazine "Otrok.ua" with association of the site www.foto.orthodoxy.ru announce opening of standing Orthodoxy Photographic Festival "WINDOWS".

The main aim of the festival is to unite photographers in deed of testifying Truth and Beauty of Orthodoxy by means of photoart.

Every month there will be summarizing and results will be represented on the pages of magazine "Otrok.ua" and in Internet at site www.foto.orthodoxy.ru. At the end of year there will be annual total:
- holding a photo exhibition of the best works during an year,
- publication an annual calendar WINDOWS,
- presentation of valuable gifts.

Festival is open for all photographs that are connected to Orthodoxy ideology. The thematic of sending pictures is not limited as far God cannot be limited in His appearance to world.

There will be two categories all photographs to be devided into:
- documentary,
- artistic.
Author chooses category himself.

Month summarizing will consist of two steps.

The first step: all works are sent to www.foto.orthodoxy.ru (jpeg format and not bigger than 100 Kb in size) and every photo must have data as follows:
- author photo,
- some information on author,
- photo comments.

The second step: the results of summarizing will be published in magazine "Otrok.ua". Thereto you must send pictures to e-mail of magazine (otrok@iona.ln.ua) with publishable resolution (in TIFF format and not less than 1 Mb in size). These works dedicated to festival will be also represented on the site www.foto.orthodoxy.ru.

Participations whose photographs are printed in magazine will obtain this issue.

All your questions you can send to foto@orthodoxy.ru.

The winners of contest become:

  • Vera Lyubarova. "Play from all heart". May, 2005.
  • Catherine Stepanova. "Square". July, 2005.
  • Irina Sharova. "Rays". September, 2005.
  • Vladimir Stolyarchuk. "Winter song". November, 2005.
  • Priest Vyacheslav Temnyj. "Ring". January, 2006.
  • Priest Vladimir Kolosov. "Center". March, 2006.

    From photographs of festival:

    Catherine Stepanova

    Andrey Klyuev

    Oksana Lugovaya

  • Vasiliy Malashenkov

    Irina Sharova

    Vladimir Stolyarchuk

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