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Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
Fivaida. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
With peace. (Series). Victor Yuliev.
The rain and the boy. Pavel Bezrukov.
Leaving autumn. Alexander Krasotkin.
Dandelions. (Series). Vladimir Tretyakov.
My snowy Kiev. (Series). Yana Svyatkina.
A little cobweb. (Series). Irina Sharova.
A look. Irina Sharova.
A man-caused fisherman. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Autumnal Uglich. Andrey Klyuev.
Autumn in Spasky Lutovinov. Alexander Fursov.
Black & white April. Alexander Krasotkin.
Boundary. Agate Zalite.
Checkhov. A pound at Lansky's estate. Andrey Klyuev.
Dandelions. Andrey Klyuev.
Drops. (Series). Lyudmila Zhurbitskaya.
Evening. (Series). Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
Father Nicholay. There is a page dedicated to blessed memory of elder Nicholay Guryanov respected by Orthodox believers.
In Crimea. (Series). Dmitrii Maltsev.
In outskirts of Borovsk. Alexander Krasotkin.
Kizhi. Andrey Klyuev.
Lupins. Andrey Klyuev.
Mirage. Irina Sharova.
Morning. Agate Zalite.
Mountain view 1 2 3 4. Andrey Klyuev.
Nicholas Urupino. Alexander Fursov.
On the way to Solovki. (Series). Andrey Kuznetsov.
Pigeon. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Rain, leaves, silence. (Series). Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
Rose. Vladimir Tretyakov.
Serpukhov. At cathedral hill. Andrey Klyuev.
Serpukhov lace. Andrey Klyuev.
Serpukhov lilac. Andrey Klyuev.
Serpukhov summer. Andrey Klyuev.
Serpukhov. Voskresensky descent 1 2. Andrey Klyuev.
Shishkin's forest. Alexander Shurlakov.
Silence. Agate Zalite.
Smoke. Andrey Klyuev.
Square. (Series). Catherine Stepanova.
The Equilibrium. Spring. (Series). Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
The Equilibrium. Autumn. (Series). Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
The firewood for the winter. Andrey Klyuev.
The infinity. Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
The light of heaven. Alexander Fursov.
The profound bow. Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
Trees. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
Water and stone. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Winter patterns. (Series). Agate Zalite.

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All photographs represented on this site can be placed on orthodoxy web sites and used for orthodoxy publications with agreement of authors. Please don't forget to make reference to our site and mention photographer's name.

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