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Arc of Monplesir. Stanislav Chabutkin.
At Monplesir. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Thaw. (Series). Maxim Tkatchev.
Holy Cross. Celibate priest Feofan (Kratirov).
Mother, 1980. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Angel over city, 1978. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
* * *. Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Homeless man. (Series). Vladimir Stolyarchuk.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
Peterhoff, 1982-1983. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
A dedication to Konstantin Troytskiy, 2001. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Griboedov's channel, 1983. Stanislav Chabutkin.
Morning of White night, 1986. Stanislav Chabutkin.
3. (Series). Maxim Tkatchev.
Young sisters. (Series). Celibate priest Feofan (Kratirov).
Nothern Athos. (Series). Maxim Tkatchev.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
Nothern Athos. (Series). Maxim Tkatchev.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
Every breath. (Series). Georgiy Kolosov.
A letter from.... Pavel Bezrukov.
On Christmas. Pavel Bezrukov.
On a concert in honour of village's birthday. Pavel Bezrukov.
Temples of Russia. (Series). Stanislav Belyaevsky.
Vladimir Lvovich Kovarsky. Alexander Shurlakov.
Penitential canon. (Series). Vitaliy Tsypnyatov.
Fivaida. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
Fivaida. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
The inevitable has occurred!. Alexander Shurlakov.
Cross. Alexander Shurlakov.
Light in the temple. Alexander Shurlakov.
Call of chrism carrier women. Alexander Shurlakov.
Temples of Russia. (Series). Stanislav Belyaevsky.
Valaam sketches. (Series). Sergey Litvinov.
Continuation of holiday. Pavel Bezrukov.
About myself. (Series). Stanislav Chabutkin.
Vladimirskiy Cathedral of Syrkov monastery. (Series). Alexander Osokin.
Religious procession through Smolensk. (Series). Nikolay Dementiev.
Three days from Diveevo monastery's life 1 2. Nikolay Dementiev.
Delicate odour. Victor Yuliev.
With peace. (Series). Victor Yuliev.
Faith. (Series). Alexander Andreev.
Portrait. Sergey Militsky.

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