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From the life of one village. Pavel Kuptsov.
Spring. Pavel Kuptsov.
When the sun is inside. Pavel Kuptsov.
Prayer. Pavel Kuptsov.
Archimandrite Luka (Golovkov). Pavel Kuptsov.
Blessing of saint father. Pavel Kuptsov.
To home. Pavel Kuptsov.
In Diveevo. Pavel Kuptsov.
A penetrating look. Vladimir Tretyakov.
Baptismal set. Maxim Gaidai.
Palm Sunday. Maxim Gaidai.
Cypriot sketches. Maxim Gaidai.
Holy Week. (Series). Maxim Gaidai.
Way to Jerusalem. Maxim Gaidai.
Way to Jerusalem. Maxim Gaidai.
Easter religious procession. (Series). Maxim Gaidai.
Steading. Alexander Shurlakov.
Cap. Alexander Shurlakov.
Glass and spots. Alexander Shurlakov.
A fairy tale for grandmother. Alexander Shurlakov.
After rain. Alexander Shurlakov.
Plumelets. Alexander Shurlakov.
Beginning. Alexander Shurlakov.
Childhood. Alexander Shurlakov.
Marina-grove. Alexander Shurlakov.
May rain. Alexander Shurlakov.
It was the dream. Alexander Shurlakov.
Heavy-moto!. Alexander Shurlakov.
Approaching to eternity, or Mysterious service of the Kiev temple . (Series). Priest Nikolay Katalnikov.
Into kind hands. Vladimir Kharkovskiy.
Our small flock of leaves in the Sky. Vladimir Kharkovskiy.
Religious procession from Rudoe village to Ozhegovka, 2014. (Series). Ivan Vasiliev.
Apostle Andrew the First Called - the moment pageant in folk village Ataman in Taman. Sergey Sheptun.
Sun and mom. Sergey Sheptun.
Happiness of Cossak. (Series). Oksana Lugovaya.
Inadvertent line of landscape. (Series). Alexander Kitaev.
* * *. Maria Goltsova.
Summer in the village. 2009. (Series). Alexander Ivasenko.
Village Kalii. View through little lake. Alexander Fursov.
Summer in the village. 2009. (Series). Alexander Ivasenko.
Summer in the village. 2009. (Series). Alexander Ivasenko.
Stark fountain. Raisa Kotelva.
Winter flowers. (Series). Raisa Kotelva.
Blackened silver. Alexander Fursov.
Lunmang. (Series). Maria Goltsova.
Petersburg. City. (Series). Lyudmila Tabolina.
Worlds. Anna Danilochkina.
Worlds. Anna Danilochkina.
Petersburg. Round the Petropavlovka. (Series). Lyudmila Tabolina.
The clouds float. Alexander Fursov.

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