Alexander Shurlakov

Here you can find the series of photographs:
"Father Gavriil". (Series).
"The flowers". (Series).
"Portraits". 1 2.
Temples and monasteries of Donbass
The Cell. (Svyatogorsky St. Assumption monastery).
"Temple of St. Blessed Ksenia of Petersburg in Donetsk".
"The Kovalevs family".
"A pilgrim".
"Flying" 1 2 3.
"For my friend".
"Domes". (Series).
"There, where no us...".
"Evening Donetsk".
"Morning". (Series).
Epiphany. Celebration in Saint Seraphim temple in Makeevka, 2003 1 2.
"Religious procession". (Series).
"A pray in vestibule".
"It was spring yesterday".
"A sketch".
"Over skyies".
"Black coffee".
"Into silence".
"Picture-cards" 1 2 3.
"Palm Sunday". (Series).
"A winter rhythm".
"A midnight service".
"Religious procession".
"Dialogue with open sky".
"The valley of past childhood".
"Flowers for mother".
"Puppeteers". (Series).
"Palm Sunday". (Series).
"Svyatogorsk Lavra". (Series).
"Point of view".
"Children on TV. Good wins always". (Series).
"To heaven". (Series).
"Palm Sunday". (Series).
"Our holidays". (Series).
"Our holidays". (Series).
"Our holidays". (Series).
"Our holidays". (Series).
"Bottom of God". (Series).
"Child's portrait".
"Russian cowboy".
"In March".
"Home pet".
"Monastery bench".
"Sea pebbles".
"Fadeless flowers".
"With bagels".
"With poppy".
"Silver of my Lord".


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