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Waiting. Yulia Avdeeva.
In the children world. (Series). Alexander Sergeev.
White route. Sergey Fandikov.
Light in the temple. (Series). Maria Mitronina.
Valaam. (Series). Yulia Avdeeva.
Catherine. (Series). Yulia Avdeeva.
Leaves. (Series). Sergey Fandikov.
Sacrament of Baptism. (Series). Artem Kostrov.
Sacrament of Baptism. (Series). Artem Kostrov.
Nearer to Heaven. (Series). Maria Mitronina.
Autumn. Vitaliy Gorelov.
St. Vladimir's temple. (Series). Sergey Fandikov.
Prayer. (Series). Yulia Avdeeva.
Autumn. Malets Mikhail Georgievich.
Temple Znamenie in Dubrovitsy. (Series). Arthur Demchenko.
View through the window. (Series). Sergey Fandikov.
Tallinn. (Series). Diana Makayeva.
Gulls in the sky. Oleg Galaychuk.
Over people. Oleg Galaychuk.
Our companion. Oleg Galaychuk.
Island Anzer. (Series). Alexandra Lykova.
God's world. (Series). Cornel Apostol.
Andreevka. (Series). Vitaliy Gorelov.
Lavra. Sergey Bushmakin.
Volgo-Balt. (Series). Malets Mikhail Georgievich.
Suzdal. (Series). Arthur Demchenko.
Varnitskiy monastery. Sergey Bushmakin.
Cross of icon-painter. Sergey Bushmakin.
Andreevka. (Series). Vitaliy Gorelov.
They note each other. Oleg Galaychuk.
Playing turn over. Oleg Galaychuk.
Heaven stairs. Oleg Galaychuk.
Flowers. (Series). Sergey Fandikov.
Christmas. Oleg Shikhanskiy.
Perception of Solovki. (Series). Alexandra Lykova.
God's world. (Series). Cornel Apostol.
Father. Ivan Vasiliev.
St. Kiril and Mephodiy nunnery in Svalyava. Ivan Vasiliev.
Flowers. Vitaliy Gorelov.
Native plant. (Series). Yuriy Abacumov.
Peace. (Series). Oleg Galaychuk.
Suzdal. (Series). Arthur Demchenko.
Pyukhtitsa. Christmas. (Series). Diana Makayeva.
Boldinsk autumn. Andrey Klyuev.
Of the same blood. Andrey Klyuev.
Always different nature. Alexander Sergeev.
In the children world. (Series). Alexander Sergeev.
In Mospino. (Series). Sergey Fandikov.
Savior-Transfiguration cathedral. (Series). Ivan Vasiliev.
In the children world. (Series). Alexander Sergeev.

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