O persoană amabilă din Likhoslavl

Alexandru Krasotkin."O persoană amabilă din Likhoslavl".

In Easter morning I was taking pictures of landscapes in the outskirts of Likhoslal. He was going toward me and waving his hand. We acquainted, smoked and talked about weather and about other things… He told he has worked as a driver transporting bread and milk to forsaken places of Tverv region and then worked as a fireman and extinguishing a fire in the old church I was taking pictures of. He told me about his wife's nagging that he has built a house and stayed living in such a forsaken place. He gave me advises all the time: what side one should take pictures of, even tried to sell his old enlarger and something else for it and then he flapped himself mysteriously on neck and disappeared in alleyway, perhaps went to prepare for Communion…


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