Irina Sharova

Here you can find the series of photographs:
"Palm Sunday". (Series).
"1013 years in Rus".
"A fuzzy rainbow caprice".
"A sail".
"The capture of snowy town".
"Round the corner".
"Father Seraphim".
"Monastery in Lesna. In the yard".
"Double Extension".
"Serbian monk's portrait".
"About dandelions".
"Through the window".
"Cristmas frosts".
"A service in deserted temple".
"Nizhni Novgorod".
"Colors of France" 1 2.
"Le Figaro".
"Street lamp".
"French market".
"At play with reflections". (Series).
"A card from Burgundy".
"Happy New Year!".
"Rays". (Series).
"Pray before Eucharist".
"Reflex of Christmas".
"Our green-tree chopped".
"Street musicians".


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