Dmitrii Dostoevsky

I am a direct descendant of great writer F. M. Dostoevsky (great-grandson) and this year 500 years of my family existence is celebrated. It is interesting, that destiny of family units three Slavic generations. The generation's been originated in Pinsk, today known as Belarus and then little by little moved to Podoliya, present Ukraine. And after then only father of writer went out of family to Moscow at age of 16. I live in Sant-Peterburg, I am 61 year old, but only recently I has gone in for photography. I and my son take pictures with the same camera. My son works as a captain at Valaam monastery navy.

Here you can find the series of photographs:

"Valaam". (Series).
"Japan". (Series).
"Out of window".
"After service".
"Valaam in winter". (Series).

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